Your biggest asset is your people. Build a stronger workforce from the inside out.

Here’s how Integrated Body/Spirit Meditation helps…

Builds stress resilience resulting in fewer employees dissatisfied or out sick

Keep your company engaged and promote better internal relations and higher productivity

Employee’s feel better about themselves which translates to how they feel about their work

Works in online environments for remote employees or workgroups. Classes can be taught via Zoom

For the employees:

Create personal workspace boundaries – find peace in the eye of the hurricane or when your boss calls you into their office

Apply powerful visualizations to enhance productivity, creativity, and intuitive thinking

Improve your time management, lower self criticism, and knock out fear

Change and evolve into who you want to be or underline the parts of yourself you like already

Classes are taught in small groups to ensure safety and confidentiality among peers. Participants are encouraged to speak freely about their experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other. No recordings are made unless specifically requested beforehand.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities | tel. 510-545-6003