I am a skilled teacher and meditation practitioner, committed to helping people, professionals and students alike, gain clarity through integrated meditation. I completed 1,840 hours of teacher training over a 4-year period and became a certified teacher in 2007. I enjoy teaching people on how to improve their boundaries, relationships, and specific life skill topics.

The classes I have taught have benefited hundreds of students. Feedback includes more ease, less stress, and life empowerment. My teaching style is from a place of being centered and grounded in the practice. The techniques I use are simple guided meditations designed for anyone to incorporate and apply to their everyday lives from how they interact with a partner or spouse to work situations and above all personal growth.

We are all on our path and sometimes we forget to breathe into it and allow our true self to shine through.


  • 60 Minute Meditation Classes in your home or work place
    • 1 person: $185
    • 2-4 persons: $225
    • 5+: please call for pricing
  • 60 Minute Private Online Classes via Skype or Zoom
    • Pricing starts at $200
  • Intuitive Readings to help people identify and work through mental image beliefs
    • Pricing starts at $200

Contact Tom at tom@tconnelly.com or call 415-eight one two – 5841