Feeling empowered is your right as a human. Since 2008 I have been teaching tools focused on mastering your attention. It starts with connecting to yourself, being strong with defined personal boundaries, all so you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

I grew up privileged. I thought it was normal for everyone to have a yard, mom who made breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day I was in school (everyday!), dad who was quiet and caring, a big house, and without any need to ever worry about anything. I am the youngest of five, was bullied a little by my siblings and am really sensitive to people and loud noises, and as such I won’t ever sit with my back to the door. At 15, my father died of a massive heart attack while on vacation with mom. Luckily mom was strong and braved facing five kids upon returning to her home. She raised me through the rest of high school, befriended me in college, and supported my decisions. My greatest teacher was a strong woman, widowed, brave, alone, devout, super creative, and smart.

With my class

Several years after my father passed, I earned my degree in Graphic Communication, and and was living on my own. My mother still supported my decisions and offered advice as I saw fit to listen. I became a searcher for my own understanding, was questioning teachings, playing music, but was not getting answers. I tried dogmatic religion but ended up with a book on “How to Meditate”. The book was hard to read and meditate at the same time so a friend recommended a school, where I was hooked with one guided meditation. It made logical sense, it was easy, and I got immediate results after one free class. Fifteen years later I left the school having taught for the last ten of those years.

My teaching coincided with me working as a corporate Art Director and I watched my fellow employees, friends, and even my own wife deal with social and workplace bias and negativity. I wanted to relate what I knew both from a mindfulness side and a business side to help those who experience the difficulties of not feeling empowered. Thus Integrated Body/Spirit Meditation™ was born.