Creating art gives my inner self the freedom to experience the world and allows me step into a space of expression that while being filled, is emptied, cleaned, dirtied and cleared over and over again. My dad, a second generation California farmer, taught me to tinker, to create what I needed when I needed it, using what I had on hand and ultimately, to see objects and materials as opportunities for new creation. That act of seeing without being limited by an objects original purpose and then allowing that piece to breathe into something new, is what has led me to create art that resonates, inspires and moves others.

I expect my art to speak to a lot of people. If any of my art pieces were a person, It would be the person at the party that everyone is comfortable around without knowing why. It won’t be the loudest person in the room, it won’t talk your ear off or try to go home with you but give it a few minutes of your time and you will be glad to have met and want to come back and see it again. My hope is that everyone who views my art will get a front row seat to how I experience the world and share those experiences with me.